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Exposing the Myths of Human Trafficking

Have you ever made the statement, or had the thought "not in my community", "those things don't happen here", "I've never seen it"?

So now that we can see that it DOES happen in our communities. Let's answer some of the other common myths about human trafficking.

Myth: Human Trafficking is only sex trafficking

Truth: of the 20.9 million victims of Human Trafficking globally 68% forced labor, 22% sexually exploited, 10% state-imposed forced labor

Myth: Human Trafficking victims will self-identify

Truth: 50% of victims had contact with a health care professional, NONE were identified as a victim.

Myth: Human Trafficking is not in my community

Truth: 30,000+ cases of potential Human Trafficking reported in all 50 states, DC and US Territories.

Myth: Human Trafficking only affects the victim

Truth: The crime of human trafficking is a symptom of a societal problem.

Myth: Human Trafficking only happens to children

Truth: since 2012, national hotline cases reported: 62% adults

Myth: Human Trafficking only happens to women

Truth: since 2012, national hotline cases reported 18% men.

The full human trafficking data report can be found here. Let's be well informed so that we can help make the invisible visible.

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