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Below is a list of resource documents about child abuse and general information about Child Advocacy Centers. Most of the documents are in an Adobe PDF format.


Parent Handbook (PDF)

A handbook designed to give parents and caregivers clear answers to questions they may have about sexual abuse and the Sanilac Child Advocacy Center


Signs of Child Abuse (PDF)

Click the link above to view a card listing some of the common signs of Child abuse.


The Underwear Rule (PDF)

A bedtime story to help parents explain what good touches and bad touches are

Keep Kids Safe (PDF)

This document contains tips for parents and guardians to help keep their children safer.

Child Sexual Behavior (PDF)

This document helps to explain some common child sexual behaviors and contains a body safety guide for parents

How Does a Child Advocacy Center Work? (PDF)

A helpful map showing how a Child Advocacy Center helps you step by step from a child's point of view. 


Education & programs


Make a contribution


Help prevent child abuse


Report Child Abuse

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